Armada CTF

Have you ever participated on a CTF challenge? Myself as a beginner to CTF challenges had no idea how to play one or create one. I had to lead a team to design and create a CTF box for our third year second semester project. Before starting on any implementation, I played a few war […]

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Performing a Google Hacking scenario.

Google hacking is  a passive information gathering technique used to gather information from the available sites on the internet. There are tools and other short methods in order to collect information. Using Google advanced search we can get more specific search results. Using Google foot printing techniques we can also get less results that are […]

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The metasploit framework

The Metasploit framework is a sub-project of the project Metasploit. It is based on and developed using the language Ruby on the year 2009. What is Metasploit framework?  This framework is used largely for both legitimate and unauthorized purposes. It can be used to find vulnerabilities in operating systems and exploiting them for uses like; […]

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Cross-Site Forgery protection using Double Submit Cookies Pattern.

As described in my previous blog Cross-Site Forgery can be prevented by using Synchronizer token pattern and Double Submit Cookies. This blog focuses on the protection of CSRF using Double Submit Cookies. This methodology is quite similar to the Synchronizer Token Pattern, except for that the generated CSRF token that was stored in the server side is […]

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